Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . On Your Birthday!


Make your child's next birthday party memorable by letting us host the party for you! The kids will have a great time, and you won't spend your time cleaning up sticky finger prints or worrying about keeping the kids entertained! A party at the Museum is a perfect solution for a magical and memorable birthday celebration.

Contact our Coordinator today!                                         Birthday Party FAQ

Why book a party at the Museum?

  • We take care of the clean-up!
  • You don't have to plan activities!
  • Easy catering options from Metropolitan Market or Bean Sprouts.
  • You can give your guests the perfect party favor - all day admission!
  • Engaging programs for party guests to enjoy.
  • You can add a Party Parcel activity for more learning and fun!

Choose from our 3 Party Options:

  • The Bash (Day Time Party Room Rental)
  • The Bonanza (Day Time Party Room Rental)
  • After Hours Party Package

 Click this link to get the details about our party packages!

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