Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . with Cake, Cupcakes, & Catering

A party isn't complete with out a few things to munch on! You are welcome to bring your own food to the party or make life a bit easier by working with one of the organizations who will bring it in for you!

Ask your Event Coordinator about:

  • Getting a themed cake to match the birthday party room from Metropolitan Market.
  • Getting yummy good-for-you food and lollicakes from Bean Sprouts Cafe.
  • Getting cupcakes decorated to match your theme.
  • Ordering a special Kids-Platter to feed your guests.
  • Add a "Pea Party" from Bean Sprouts!
  • Local pizza parlors that will deliver to your event.

Reminder:  We don't allow chaffing dishes or heating elements into the Museum to protect our little visitors.

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