June 8-12: Calling All Wizards: Join us on a week-long magical adventure!

•            Monday – Find Your Way to the Platform: Become a wizard! Make your wand,  gather all your wizarding supplies and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

•            Tuesday – Charmed to Meet You: Join us for Wizardry 101. We will use science, art, and movement to explore ways of making the ordinary magical and the extraordinary attainable.

•            Wednesday – Beginning Potions Class: Magic is science that we haven’t figured out yet! We will make a
color-changing drink and concoct a treat for a unicorn! Investigate the science of how “magic” really works.

•            Thursday – Mythical Beasts and Playful Pixies: Pixies, griffins, mermaids, and more! We’ll discover the world of mythical creatures through crafts and science. Make dragon drool and create new creatures from our own imaginations. We’ll even make and eat a dragon egg salad!

•            Friday – Build Your Own Fantasy World: If you could create your own world what would it look like? Make your own environment, create your own creatures; you make the rules.


June 15-19: Splash into Summer: Splash into the science, wonder, and play of summertime!

•            Monday – Wacky Water: Dive in and discover the fascinating physics of water. This building block of life is
truly amazing!

•            Tuesday – Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!: Pop! Discover the magic of bubbles; what makes the BEST bubble recipe? Explore why bubbles stick together, and so much more.

•            Wednesday – Into the Wild: Do you have what it takes to navigate through the wilderness confidently? We’ll make a compass and then set off into the unknown, all without leaving Seattle Center!

•            Thursday – Fill your World with Color: Connect to your creative side through classic camp crafts!

•            Friday – Water, Where We Are: Learn about the bodies of water that surround the Pacific Northwest and all that we can learn from water around us.


June 22-26 : Captivating Classics:  What makes a story timeless? Explore classic tales; turn them upside down, and make them into something new. Maybe it will be a new classic!

•            Monday – Wild Thing, You Make my Heart Sing: Celebrate your wild side! Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, we’ll spend the day making masks, attending a Wild Rumpus, and letting our imaginations run wild!

•            Tuesday – Neverland Explorers: “First star to the right; straight on ‘til morning!” Follow Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys and learn basic outdoor skills. Brush up on your mermaid lore and sword play while building the best fort ever!

•            Wednesday – Transported to Narnia: You’ll be whisked away in an immersive literary experience to enter the land of Narnia. Step through the wardrobe to meet a fawn, dryad and other characters as you explore this magical realm.

•            Thursday – Welcome to Wonderland: Follow the White Rabbit through the tunnels to reach Wonderland, play croquet with the Queen, and enjoy our special tea party treats!

•            Friday – On the Farm: We’ll be using Charlotte’s Web to learn how a farm functions by looking at the different jobs and responsibilities working on the farm.


June 29-July 3: That’s Gross!:  Join us for a week of gross science. We’ll play with polymers, make slime, learn to love the lowly mold, and so much more!

•            Monday – Let’s Look Inside: Have you ever wondered, “What’s inside… a seed… the Earth… a human body? We’ll take a look at our own DNA, make a model cell, and explore the world around us from the inside out.

•            Tuesday – Oooey Gooey: From magnetic slime to “liquid glass” learn how to follow recipes, experiment with variables, and make a wide variety of slimy concoctions!

•            Wednesday – Let’s Get Gaseous: Turn testable questions into an experiment! Make a hot air balloon rise, test whether air takes up space, in this day devoted to exploring our favorite state of matter: gas!

•            Thursday – Creepy Crawlers: Wiggle you way into the amazing world of insects; learn about bugs, bees, and more!

•            Friday – Eeeww, Do You Smell That?: Learn the how and why behind the smells that make your nose scrunch.


July 6-July 10: Through the Ages: This week, we will become time travelers. We will explore various time periods and the different ways archaeologists learn about them.

•            Monday – Dig It!: Become a paleontologist for the day as we make our own fossils and practice excavation skills.

•            Tuesday – The Ancient World: Learn about various ancient civilizations, how they lived, and how they contributed to modern society.

•     Wednesday – Medieval Merriment: Explore ye olde times at camp! Come in costume or come as you are. Knights in armor, princesses, and renaissance activities abound!

•            Thursday – Space Age: Get ready for an out of this world adventure as w launch ourselves up to the stars and then bring our chocolate astronauts safely back home.

•            Friday – Change the World: The future is in your hands! How will you make the world a better place? Start small by becoming the best version of yourself.