Seattle Children’s Museum Discovery Days 2018 Spring Camp

Wondering what to do for spring vacation? Join the Seattle Children’s Museum’s Discovery Day Camp! With Earth Day just around the corner, this week we’ll be focusing on conservation and sustainability.  We will learn about the importance of taking care of our planet and how our choices and day-to-day actions can make a difference.

  • April 9-13
  • Designed for ages 4-10
  • Full or half day sessions
  • Come for the full camp experience, or just a day, or anything in between

April 9: Dig It!

Let’s start at the beginning, learning all about the layers of the Earth, from its inner core to the outer crust. We’ll spend time exploring what we can learn from the history of the Earth through fossils. What story do these clues tell?


April 10: Magnificent Mountains

Explore our newly renovated Mountain and exercise your inner geologist! Campers will experiment with making a seismograph and learn about interpretation of seismic waves during an earthquake. We’ll create our own mini plate tectonics and tackle the challenge of building for a safer future in an earthquake prone environment.


April 11: Wondrous Weather

We know the weather changes every day, and also over time. What does that mean for our community, region and the world? We’ll explore the fabulous physics of weather, weather systems, and changes over time, and the solutions communities are using to prepare for those changes.


April 12: Tree Huggers

Yes, we love our trees! Learn about our Northwest habitat and what makes our region such a treasure of biodiversity! Young explorers will make and use their own nature journals, identify native plants and their important uses for indigenous cultures, follow the water cycle through the forest, and investigate forest duff.


April 13: Going Green

Join us for a fast-paced day exploring alternative energy! Make beautiful recycled paper and experiment with our own wind generator. We’ll build toy cars that use alternative energy sources and test them out!