Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . In a Kid-Sized Neighborhood!

Grab a hard hat and a tool belt and join in on the fun! Dunn Lumber Construction Zone brings out the architect in kids (and adults!) as they build and create. With a large open space for building, kids can create structures big enough to crawl in, stand in, or even imagine living in! The exhibit also has a soft sculpture area for our little visitors to explore!

Explore the Construction Zone by...

     practicing shape recognition by building squares and triangles!
     exploring liquid measurement with gallon, quart and pint sized cans!

Sponsored by Dunn Lumber:

Local And Family-Owned For Over 100 Years

Dunn Lumber has been doing business in the greater Seattle area for over 100 years. The 4th generation of Dunn family members now runs the day-to-day business. They have developed a lot of great relationships over the years, and they have been fortunate enough to be able to invest back into the community. They also believe in the importance of supporting communities that help support their stores.