Seattle Children’s Museum will close at 3pm and re-open at 4pm for the 5th annual Costume Carnival, offering a FREE opportunity for safe indoor trick-or-treating on October 31, 2016 from 4pm – 8pm. Join us as we turn the Museum into a Halloween-themed adventure for kids 10 and under (and their families).

Never partnered with the Museum before, but would like to be involved in this event? Contact Lindsay Squires for more information about vendor application.

How Can I Help Promote This Event?

I am so glad you asked! We would appreciate you telling people you are participating and inviting them to the event. Your blurb can say:

Join us at the Seattle Children’s Museum on October 31st from 4pm – 8pm for a Costume Carnival. It is a Halloween hullabaloo for kids ages 10 and younger with their families – games, activities, tricks and treats. This event is FREE of charge. Costumes are not required, but encouraged for all (no masks). More details at thechildrensmuseum.org/costume-carnival.

What is involved for partner organizations?

Organizations interested in partnering are asked to be in charge of a booth or table activity that will be set-up inside the Museum. Your table should have both a “trick” (an activity) and a “treat” (a take-away). Your organization is responsible for the cost of the supplies for your booth AND the item you choose to hand out to kids that night.

  • Last year we welcomed over 1500 people to the event, we suggest planning to see 500-800 kids.
  • Your hand out can be candy or an item of your choosing (it just cannot be a choking hazard or stickers and needs to be appropriate for kids 10 and under). We will need to know what you plan so that we do not all give the kids mini-play dough!
  • This is an opportunity to promote your organization so it is okay to give children something branded. Just make sure it’s something kids will enjoy. Pencils, tattoos, yo-yo’s – they are all great!
  • Unless your activity is very elaborate, you probably only need 2-4 staff members at the event. We will need to run background checks on those individuals or get a letter from your organization confirming you do background checks as part of your hiring process.
  • Your staff is welcome (and encouraged) to dress up. Please do not be scary or scandalous. And we need to be able to see your whole face, so no masks in the museum. Need help? How about having everyone at your table dress as characters from a children’s book or movie.
  •  If you are having trouble thinking of something to do for your booth – let us know. We have lots of fun ideas and are happy to share!


Please keep in mind:

This event is for kids 10 and under and their families. Kids need to be with an adult, and adults cannot enter unless they are with a kid. For the 11-18 crowd, you need to be with an adult (someone over 18) AND a sibling or family member who is 10 or younger.

We hope everyone comes dressed up for the fun. Costumes are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. One thing to remember – we need to see your face. No masks for adults or kids while you are at the Carnival. And keep in mind that we are a family-friendly place, so try not to be too scary or too scandalous.

We are running this event while our supplies last.