Where Imagination Comes Alive. . . As We Twirl, Tap Our Toes and Dance!

Our 5th annual Dance Around the World weekend showcases movement from cultures around the world to the Museum in one event-packed weekend.  Performances from around the globe invite everyone to tap their toes, clap their hands and even learn a few new moves. As the dates get near, please check out our calendar for the most up to date scheduled performances, but a few tentative bookings are below.

Saturday, April 26:

10:30am - Kalahi Filipino Dance Group

11:30am - Kalahi Filipino Dance Group

12pm - Dance Around the World Story Time

2:30pm - Urvasi

3:30pm - Joyas Mestizas

4:30pm - Dance Around the World Story Time

Sunday, April 27:

11:30am - Melody Institute

12pm - Dance Around the World Story Time

1pm - Melody Institute

2:30pm - Ocheami

4:30pm - Dance Around the World Story Time

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The Office of Arts & Culture envisions a city driven by creativity that provides the opportunity for everyone to engage in diverse arts and cultural experiences. In 2012, the city invested $2.4 million to support over 350 artists and cultural organizations. They are committed to removing barriers to participation and involving diverse cultures and underserved audiences and artists.

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