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The tradition of Festivals of Light exploration has a long history for us. The program was discontinued for a few years and was brought back in 2009 as the request of the Museum's frequent visitors and members.

To help us fund this exhibit and to assure its continued exploration in future years, we are offering a resource booklet in a downloadable format. This 50+ page resource booklet explores over nine cultures and their winter celebrations.  The black and white format make it easy for you to duplicate.   (see the Table of Contents below)

Our request is that you consider a donation of $2.00 per download of the full activity book for home use. Our request is that you consider a donation of $30.00 per download, with unlimited duplication thereafter, for classroom use.   Order now

Book Contents

Introduction (pg 1)
General Information (pg 3)
Loi Krathong (pg 4)
Diwali (pg 7)
Santa Lucia's Day (pg 13)
Hannukah (pg 19)
Las Posadas (pg 25)
A Philippine Christmas (pg 30)
An American Christmas (pg 36)
A Norweigian Christmas (pg 43)
Kwanzaa (pg 48)
Resources (pg 55)