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Election 2012

Election Day Winner by a whisker - Monorail Bunny!

Congrats to the Monorail Bunny who edged out a victory in our election!  Thanks to all the kiddos who came out to vote and help elect a the bunny.

Election Day 2012

Voting is a big responsibility and while the real polls are full of adults today, we are hosting our own elections at the Museum.  We'll be voting on some important initiatives such as popcorn vs. caramel corn & broccoli vs. cauliflower.   All of this as we learn about what voting is and how elections work!

The biggest vote will be between our two "Presidential Candidates" - Monorail Bunny vs Giraffe

Know your Candidates:

Monorail Bunny - "Carrots for All"

Monorail Bunny became famous when his owner left him on the Seattle Center Monorail.  In a search for his owner, Monorail Bunny began to appear on Facebook asking for help in his search.  As the search grew longer, Monorail Bunny was invited to visit other sites around the Seattle Center.  He's well traveled, having visited sites such as the Pacific Science Center, Woodland Park Zoo, Teatro Zinzanni and other major attractions.  You can learn more about Monorail Bunny and see his adventures at facebook.com/seattlemonorail. 

Giraffe - "I'll stick my neck out for you"

Giraffe became known around the Seattle Children's Museum when he appeared and was willing to meet with Monorail Bunny as a representative of our "lost toys" community.  Giraffe welcomed Monorail Bunny to the Museum for Picnic Day but made several appearances at Etiquette Day as he prepared for the visit.  Less famous than Monorail Bunny, Giraffe focuses his time on supporting the other lost toys who come and go from the Greeter's Desk at the Museum. 

Elections will be held on November 6 from 10am - 5pm and the winner will be announced on November 7th.  There will be no exit polling of this election.

A special thanks to the Seattle Center Monorail for their help with this year's elections!!  Hop the Monorail from Westlake Center to visit the Museum.