Where Imagination Comes Alive. . . During Festivals of Light!

Festivals of Light is an annual exhibit, returning each November as we prepare
for the winter solstice and the many cultural celebrations that happen during the season.

Festivals of Light explores a winter holiday celebration from the perspective of a family. Children explore the food, decorations, games, activities and music associated with each holiday as they step into a 'household' amidst their celebration. Each week, the kid-sized dwelling space of a family changes to highlight a new festival including their kitchen and living room, a family craft table and a reading space.

Please check back soon for a detailed schedule of the festivals we will be exploring this winter!

Why we explore:

We offer our Festivals of Light exhibit each year to provide children and their families the opportunity to explore a variety of celebrations and festivals that take place in the winter months. We do not celebrate, we explore.

Why clarify exploring instead of celebration?  There are a few reasons we make that distinction.  First, we look at each holiday for about a week and we often do not have our exploration on the exact dates. Second, we want to learn all about the holiday and the traditions a family may have. Often those traditions are closely connected to beliefs that family holds. For that reason, we explore and we let those who hold those beliefs celebrate.

There are numerous options when exploring the winter traditions and celebrations. We hope to provide opportunities for families to explore traditions different from their own and find similarities and differences in traditions.

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