Explore Festivals from Around the World!

Starting the week after Thanksgiving through January 15th!

Festivals of Light is an annual exhibit, returning each December as we prepare for the winter solstice and the many cultural celebrations that happen during the season.

From the week after Thanksgiving through January 15th, Festivals of Light explores a winter holiday celebrations from the perspective of a family. Children explore the food, decorations, games, activities and music associated with each holiday as they step into a ‘household’ amidst their celebration.

This unique offering provides families with hands-on multi-cultural experiences. By highlighting several different winter solstice celebrations, Festivals of Light focuses on both the science of the seasons and on the different traditions integral to each festival.

Why We Explore:

Our goal is to provide children and their families the opportunity to explore a variety of celebrations and festivals that take place in the winter months. It is important to note that the Museum does not directly celebrate the holidays. Instead, we explore them. Often these traditions are closely connected to beliefs that a family holds. For that reason, the Museum offers the chance to explore the holidays throughout the month, and we let those who hold those beliefs celebrate as they see fit on the actual dates of the holiday.

There are numerous options when exploring the winter traditions and celebrations. We hope to provide opportunities for families to explore traditions different from their own and find similarities and differences in traditions.

Our Festivals of Light Season Will Explore:


Santa Lucia

Las Posadas

Loi Krathong

Winter Solstice




Lunar New Year

Urvasi Dance on December 3rd at 1:30pm

Lilla Spelmanslag on December 10th at 11am

Ocheami on December 26th at 10:30am

Orkestyr Fareleh on December 26th at 11:30am and 12:30pm

LQ Lion Dancers on January 14th at 11am

Join us for these special performances, free with your admission!



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