Explore Festivals from Around the World!

Festivals of Light is an annual exhibit, returning each December as we prepare for the winter solstice and the many cultural celebrations that happen during the winter months.

This unique offering provides families with hands-on multi-cultural experiences. By highlighting several different winter celebrations, Festivals of Light focuses on both the science of the seasons and on the different traditions integral to each festival. We hope to provide opportunities for families to explore customs different from their own and find the similarities and differences among traditions. 

Experience the joy of discovery with these cultural adventures:

  • Explore – Traditions of Diwali, Loi Krathong, Bodhi Day, and more!
  • Make – Luminaries, diya lamps, Kinara bracelets, Tomtens!
  • Listen – Traditional klezmer music, African drumming!
  • Play – Dreidel, pepparkakor matching, Rangoli coloring!

Festivals of Light showcases:

  • Diverse community-centered cultural traditions, practices of personal renewal, and anticipating the return of longer daylight hours.
  • Featuring cultural performances and traditions from communities around the world!

Join us for special guest performances throughout December!

Date Name Time(s)  Event
Saturday, December 2 Joyas Mestizas 1:00pm  Mexican music & dance
Sunday, December 10  Chaopraya Ensemble 1:00pm  Thai music & dance—and stick around to cook a Thai treat!
Saturday, December 16 Orkestyr Farfeleh 2:00pm & 3:00pm  Klezmer music
Sunday, December 17 Orkestyr Farfeleh 12:00pm & 12:30pm  Klezmer music
Sunday, December 17 Ocheami 2:00pm  Ghanaian music & dance
Tuesday, December 19 Sarah Lovett 11:00am & 12:30pm  Lantern making workshop
Saturday, December 30 Melody Institute 1:00pm  Chinese dance

Holidays We Explore:

Diwali Santa Lucia Kwanzaa Chanukah
Las Posadas Loi Krathong Bodhi Day


Cultural and educational events sponsored in part by: