Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Building a fort, clubhouse or tent is an adventure of childhood.  With imagination as your guide, an old sheet and a kitchen table can become a fort atop a mountain or a clubhouse for friends.  

Inside Fort Adventure, families can work together to imagine, plan and build their own fort, clubhouse or tent.  Supplies abound ranging from tires to stacks of shoe boxes to sheets and blankets.  Working together, the building space inside this exhibit undergoes a transformation.

Building the fort is just one step in the process, stop at our Inspiration Station to play inside a 12-foot teepee, a clubhouse and a giant apple.  Move to the Design Center and use LEGOs®  to create a prototype. Finish your adventure with a book and flashlight and read about other Fort, Clubhouse and Tent adventures.

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