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My Neighborhood Adventures 008

My Neighborhood Adventures has been packed up and our gallery is now hosting a new exhibit.  Don't worry, our exhibits change often and favorites do come back!

Inside the Gallery, we introduce a new exhibit every 6 - 9 months. Our current exhibit is "My Neighborhood Adventures," which encourages kids to find the excitement waiting for them just outside their front door. The jungle gym climbing structure can become an imaginary pirate ship. And the larger-than-life tomatoes make it easy to imagine life as a bug!

The exhibit is lined with artwork from award-winning photographer David FitzSimmons. He's a favorite photographer of the Museum, and his photos allow kids to go eyeball to buggy eyeball with every day creatures.

This Exhibit features Photographs from "Curious Critters":

In “Curious Critters,” Sigma Pro photographer Dave FitzSimmons brings softly lit luminous backgrounds to animal portraiture, letting creatures stand solo, uninfluenced by land, sea, or sky. Seen from eye-level, these often-overlooked creatures—from flies and frogs to snakes and squirrels—look captivating, colorful, beautiful, and bizarre. The exhibit invites visitors to a new kind of overlook: a place where seeing, appreciating, and caring for all beings are paramount.

David's book is available for purchase the Museum retail shop which is open to the public each day from 10am - 5pm.