If you have a Bonanza or Bash scheduled, your guests will get all-day access to the Museum (Remember to turn in your guest list so we know who to let in!!!). Your guests can come and play before the party, or stay afterward.  Remember, adults need to be with children when they enter the Museum.  If you have any guests who will be arriving without kids (like grandparents, aunts or uncles), we will help connect them with you when they arrive for the party.

If you have an After Hours Party, you control the guest list and determine who will be admitted to the Museum during your party!

Telling your guests how to get here:

The best directions you can give your guests is to tell them to drive toward the Space Needle! We are located on the Seattle Center campus and the signage from the freeway points people to Seattle Center and the Space Needle.  From there, parking around Seattle Center campus is easiest if you point people to one of the Seattle Center Parking Garages. For more specific driving directions, click here.

After parking, follow the signs for the Armory or Seattle Children’s Museum. We are on the ground level of the Armory.

Checking in:

If you have a Bash or Bonanza, direct your guests to check-in at the Birthday desk in the hallway.  We will confirm that their name is on the guest list, get them an admission bracelet, and point them toward the party room. If your guests arrive before the party starts, we will get them inside to start playing until it is party time.

For After Hours parties, direct your guests to check in at the front desk inside of the Museum doors. We will confirm that their name is on the guest list and send them on in to your party!