Discovery Days!

Discovery Days Camps are a unique, day camp experience! Brought to you by the Seattle Children’s Museum, each day features unique and engaging activities for children ages 4 to 10. Our single camp days are broken down into sessions, allowing caregivers to plan a camp adventure based on their childcare needs. You can mix and match your perfect camp schedule!

Each of our camp days have a specific theme with educational programming and activities to match! Some days we even invite our friends (hula specialists, scientists, fire fighters, artists and more!) to join us. As long as the sun is shining, we will take advantage of our unique location and have lunch outside while we watch the International Fountain shoot into the sky! And of course, campers will also have time to explore portions of our 22,000 square feet of Museum exhibit space. Check out the Camp Calendar to find the day that best suits you and your kiddo! Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Camps.

Winter Camp Discovery Days

Winter is just around the corner. Register now for our Winter Camp Days!

12/21 Winter Wonderland
• AM: What do you think of when you hear the word “winter”? We think of snow! Let’s make some of our own “snow” using shaving cream and baking soda, and then we’ll make a friend who also happens to be made out cold weather precipitation!
• Lunch: We will warm to up some stories about our favorite winter activities, and then we’ll kick off our shoes for some indoor sock skating!
• PM: Using recycled materials, kiddos will make their very own snow globes to take home! As a snack, campers will enjoyed a chilly treat that can be made in a bag!

12/22 Festivals of Light
• AM: Explore Diwali, Las Posadas and Hanukkah with unique cultural crafts and games.
• Lunch: Kiddos will spend some time in our Festivals of Light exhibit and will learn about the science behind the winter solstice.
• PM: Campers will enjoy the holiday traditions of Santa Lucia, Kwanzaa and Christmas.

12/23 Time Travel
• AM: Travel back in time to ancient Egypt, Greece, and even the Jurassic Period!
• Lunch: Celebrate the beginning of 2016 by creating a Time Capsule!
• PM: Become an inventor! Bring your Big Ideas and learn more about inventions from the past.

12/28 Mythical Creatures
• AM: Make a magical gnome and learn the legend behind these garden creatures.
• Lunch: Campers will dream up their own mythical creatures, using books, art supplies, and imagination.
• PM: Explore the worlds of mermaids, dragons, and unicorns!

12/29 By the Light of the Moon
• AM: What animals come out to play by the light of the moon? In the morning, we will learn about different nocturnal creatures that are awake while we sleep!
• Lunch: Even though it might be dark out, light can still be found in the night sky! Let’s read stories about the stars and explore the phases of the moon through a fun treat!
• PM: Some stars in the sky make patterns known as constellations! Make your own constellation, and then we’ll learn why the stars are easier to see in the winter!

12/30 Ring in the New Year
• AM: Kiddos will learn about new year traditions all around the world, and will practice making some new year resolutions of their own!
• Lunch: We will read stories about new year traditions and take some time to explore the Festivals of Light exhibit before it closes.
• PM: Many new year traditions are noisy! Join us while we create our own noisemakers to ring in the new year, and make festive lanterns to take home!


4 – 5 year olds (Circus Classroom)

6 – 10 year olds (Jungle Classroom)

Our campers are separated into two classrooms for most of the day, allowing our educators to cater the activities to the kids. The classes may be together occasionally throughout the day.

For the purposes of our camps, a child must be 4 years old by midnight on 5/31/2015 in order to attend Summer camp. A child must be 4 years old by midnight on 9/30/2015 in order to attend Fall/Winter/Spring camp.


$80 – Full Day (9am – 4pm)

$35 – Half Day (9am – 11:30am)

$35 – Half Day (1:30pm – 4pm)

$10 – Lunch (11:30am – 1:30pm) *Lunch session cannot be booked alone.


Sibling Discount – 10% discount

Receive a 10% discount on the cost of the camp for each additional child from your household. This applies to full camp days only. This cannot be combined with any other offer, including the 5 Day Discount.

5 Day Discount – 10% discount

Receive a 10% discount on the total cost of 5 full days of camp. For summer camp season, the 5 full camp days do not have to be consecutive, they can be random days throughout the summer. This applies to full camp days only. This cannot be combined with any other offer, including the Sibling Discount.