Summer 2017:

August 21st – 25th: The Play’s the Thing

Let’s Join the Circus: Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Now’s your chance! We’ll dress in outrageous clothes, practice miming, and discover our inner clown!

Dance, Dance Evolution: I like to move it, move it! If you do too, today’s the day for you! Learn what it takes to put on a dance recital with basic jazz techniques and how to tell a story through movement.

Little Shakespeare: “Some are born great, others achieve greatness.”  Come achieve greatness as we practice calligraphy and write similes the Bard would be proud of.

Theatrical Thursday: Let out your dramatic side, learn about the art of improvisation, and make up your own story on this day all about the theatre.

Behind the Scenes: What goes on backstage before you can watch a show? Find out today by exploring the design elements of theatre. Costumes, set, light, and sound all play a vital role in creating the final play.

August 28th – August 31st: Finishing Touches
(No camp on September 1st)

Going Global: Explore the world as we take a trip around the globe. We’ll learn about different cultures as we do activities from Japan, Ghana, and more!

Magnificent Mountain: Join us as we explore the wonders of mountains! We’ll learn how mountains are made and search for animal tracks on our very own mountain!

Our Nifty Neighborhood: There’s a whole world to explore right outside our door! From grocery stores to parks, schools, and more, we’ll figure out what makes a neighborhood and even build our own city out of Legos!

Discovery Days Greatest Hits: Come enjoy the best of Discovery Days! We’ll pick our favorite activities from this summer to create a day of fun that you won’t want to miss.