Discovery Day Camps No School Days

Spring Break 2017:


Monday, April 10 – Aviation Day

Test your own theories of flight as we learn about the women and men who made aviation exploration their life’s passion. -You’ve probably heard of Amelia Earhart, but what do you know about Bessie Coleman, first African American female pilot? We’ll investigate flight with Leonardo Da Vinci, design and create our own flight contraptions, and launch our own “hot air balloon”.


Tuesday, April 11 – Space and Beyond

Make your own stomp rocket and launcher, and experience the challenges of calculating a “launch window” into space to hit a target. We’ll even learn to use a telescope, create an alien habitat, and examine NASA pictures of other planets within our solar system.


Wednesday, April 12 – Tree Huggers

Yes, we love our trees! Learn about our Northwest habitat and what makes our region such a treasure of biodiversity! Young explorers will make and use their own nature journals, identify native plants and their important uses for indigenous cultures, investigate forest duff, and even take home their own tree seedlings.


Thursday, April 13 – Simply Shocking

How many ways can you light a light bulb? Explore the principles of electricity, and create circuit pathways to light a single and series of light bulbs, fuel a clock with a variety of fruits and veggies, and create your own simple motorized toy!


Friday, April 14 – That’s Gross

Join us for a day of gross science! We’ll play with polymers and make slime, investigate the PH behind the digestive process, and dig in with our favorite decomposers. Help us make a Museum worm bin, and more!

Summer 2017:

June 26th – 30th: A Sense of Place

NW Explorers: Practice outdoor skills and learn about the life and times of Lewis and Clark.  Then, send a secret message using Morse code, and make a s’more in a solar oven you help assemble!

Treasure Maps & Scavenger Hunts: Join us for a museum and campus-wide adventure! Solve riddles and discover hidden clues in search of the hidden treasure trove!

Me and My Place: Every child needs a developing sense of place and purpose. Together we’ll explore ideas of culture and heritage, family traditions, and affirm our individual talents, interests and place in this world.

The Salish Sea and Me: Young people will gain an appreciation and initial understanding of the vibrant past, and vital present and future of the Pacific Northwest’s First Peoples. We’ll explore culturally relevant stories and art with special guests of the museum.

Water, Water Everywhere: We’ll celebrate water and its importance to the health of our planet, lives, and culture. We’ll even conduct tests of water quality on samples from the world around us!

July 3rd – 7th: Literary Lunacy
(No camp on July 4th)

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing: Celebrate your wild side! Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, we’ll spend the day making masks, dancing a wild dance, letting our imaginations run wild!

Welcome to Wonderland: Immerse yourself in one of our favorite classics at SCM! Follow the White Rabbit through the tunnels to reach Wonderland, play croquet with the Queen, and enjoy our special tea party treats!

Transported to Narnia: You’ll be whisked away in an immersive literary experience and enter the land of Narnia. Step through the wardrobe to meet a fawn, dryad and other characters as you explore this magical realm.

Explorers in Neverland: “First star to the right; straight on ‘til morning!” Follow Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys and  learn outdoor skills. Brush up on your mermaid lore and sword play and build the best fort ever in SCM’s Fort Adventure!

July 10th – 14th: Young Maker Workshops

Let’s Look Inside: Have you ever wondered, “What’s inside… a seed… the Earth… a human body? We’ll take a look at our own DNA, make a model cell, and explore the world around us from the inside out.

Let’s Get Gaseous: Make a hot air balloon rise, test whether air takes up space, and conduct other experiments in this day devoted to exploring our favorite state of matter: gas!

Art on the Move: Join us for an active day of art! Make art that not only moves your soul, but is designed to move with the forces of nature, or employs the principles of simple machines. Make a kinetic sculpture, mobile or other uniquely beautiful work of art in this favorite mix of art and science.

Simply Shocking: How many ways can you light a lightbulb with one wire and a battery? Impress your friends and family with your take-home electrical creations, and have a shockingly good time during our Discovery Days!

Go Cart, Go: Make your own car out of recycled materials and a few special supplies. We’ll experiment with simple materials to transfer potential into kinetic energy, compare wheel designs, and build our own race tracks. We guarantee the day will race away!