Seattle Children’s Museum Discovery Days 2017 Winter Camp

Explore cultural traditions from around the world during SCM’s 2017 winter camp sessions!


Week One: We’ll enjoy performances, participate in cultural dances, hear and enact traditional stories, sample food and make art inspired by cultures around the world and represented by communities in our region. Sponsored in part by 4Culture.


  • Make- Rangoli sand paintings, Kwanzaa print patterns, Saturnalia candles!
  • Listen/Dance- Traditional klezmer music, African drumming!
  • Taste- Kheer rice pudding, latkes, moon cakes and more!


Week Two: Join us for some cozy winter classics! In Ethiopia, the New Year is called Enkutatash, “gift of jewels”? Girls gather flowers and give them to friends and family, while the chibos, or torches, are lit. We’ll make our own “torches” and flowers, as well as explore other New Year’s traditions from around the world!


  • Make-Your own elf costume, snow globe, an “igloo”, and invent a toy!
  • Listen/Dance- To classic winter stories and fables, traditional Greek and Ethiopian music!
  • Taste- New Year’s grapes, king cake and more!