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National Rubber Ducky Day - Monday, January 13

Our friends at Ride the Ducks of Seattle are joining us again for our annual celebration of Rubber Ducky Day.  We get a bit "quacky" as we play throughout the day.  While supplies last, kiddos who enter the Museum get a famous Ride the Duck's Quacker.  

Activities throughout the day include:

Art: Paper Bag Bird Puppets

Quacktackular Story Time

Sink or Float at the Board

Art: Fowl Pals

Duck races!

About Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Ride the Ducks of Seattle is one of the most recognizable icons in Seattle. With twenty WWII amphibious landing crafts, their hilarious Land and Water Tours depart 362 days each year to show tourists and locals Seattle from a Duck’s eye view. Having been embraced by the Seattle community since 1997, Ride the Ducks loves the city, its people and the great organizations throughout the community. Ride the Ducks donates 1000+ tickets annually to non-profits throughout the Pacific Northwest and since beginning the partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation Northwest in 2008, has donated more than $50,000 directly to Starlight. For more information, please contact Ride the Ducks at 206-441-3825 or visit www.ridetheducksofseattle.com.