Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . In Themed Party Rooms!

This was a lovely experience. We had about 15-20 kids under 4 at this party. One thing that really made the experience was the Amazing Animals Party Parcel with Britt. It managed to keep all those kids occupied in the room so that my daughter got to feel special and then set them loose when it was time to go enjoy themselves in the Museum.
- Shannon M.

The room was the perfect space for the party -- cute decor, clean, tables & chairs just the right size and arrangement, even a fridge. And we didn't have to clean up! :)
- Cheryl A.

Many parents remarked that the Under the Big Top Party Parcel had much more attentive participation than we thought the kids would manage. A testament to the staff! The scavenger hunt was an awesome way to end the party and clear the room in a really fun way!
- LeRoi S.

This was a really fun venue for our 4 year old twins' party! The Jungle Room's wall mural and animal chairs were so cute that no additional decoration were needed. . . Most importantly, we were able to enjoy ourselves at the museum afterward since the staff cleaned up the party room for us.
- Dawn O.