What memberships do you offer?

All memberships start as a Base Membership for One Named Adult and One Named Child for $70. You can add additional members (adults and children for $15, grandparents for $13) at any time. All names are non-transferable, and anyone who wants to use the membership needs to be named on it. Most complete memberships pay for themselves in 3-4 visits, and additional members pay for themselves in less than two visits. For a more complete detailing of our membership options, click here.

If I add a member later, is it still $15 or will it be prorated for a year-long membership?

It will still be $15. That one time price is good for unlimited admission, so there is no way for us to prorate that amount. Adding a member does not extend the membership, but at $15 it pays for itself by the 2nd visit!

I’d like to add a member adult, child, grandparent or Caregiver Position. How can I do that?

Adding members must be completed at the Box Office, and is not available as an option online.

Do you offer any discounts on memberships?

The only discount we offer on memberships is a Foster Family discount. The Base Membership cost and rules still apply, but any foster children can be added to the membership for free with proof of Foster Family status (WA residents only). Discounts on daily admission, such as the Prime Card or Military Discount, are not available on memberships.

Do you sell any reciprocal memberships?

No. Our memberships are only for the Seattle Children’s Museum.

I am a member at another Museum. Can I get in here?

No, unfortunately we are not reciprocal members with any other museums, locally, nationally, or internationally.

I visited the Museum yesterday/last week. Can I still apply my admission towards a membership?

Unfortunately, we can only apply admission towards membership the same day that the admission was purchased. This option is not available online, and must be completed at the Box Office.

I am a member. Can I take in guests?

All memberships can purchase up to two $4.50 passes with each visit- so you can get in two guests at $4.50 each. One adult and one child from the membership must be present to use these passes.

What about my nanny? Can s/he use the membership?

Nannies can only use your membership if they are named on it. An adult who is not part of your membership can bring your children- but the adult will pay regular price and be unable to use the guest passes.

Didn’t you used to have an option where I could have a rotating nanny?

That is known as our Caregiver position. It costs $35 instead of $15 to add this position to the membership, but you can change that name 3 times over the course of the membership.

How can I check to see if I am still a member?

Please contact the Box Office and Membership Services.

How can I change the Caregiver Position on my membership?

Please contact the Box Office and Membership Services.

Can I purchase a membership over the phone?

Please contact the Box Office and Membership Services. We are often working with guests during the day, but we will call you as soon as we are able.