Where Imagination Comes Alive . . . One Donation at a Time!

As a non-profit organization, the Seattle Children's Museum depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to bring imagination alive for our visitors. We open our doors 357 days a year providing a place for families to play, learn and explore together. We moved to our current location at the heart of the Seattle Center in 1986, creating new exhibits along the way. In 1995, a capital campaign allowed us to expand to the 22,000 sq feet that we fill today.

Since those renovations were completed, over 3.2 million guests have played, pushed, opened and closed, dropped, rolled, picked up, put down, built, crawled into, peeked around, and simply loved the Museum. It is no surprise that it shows the signs of the wear and tear. Below is a list of immediate wishes for the Museum and the price tag. Big and small, every donation helps us continue to provide the joy of discovery to children and their families.

We are wishing for:

$25 to buy:

  • Authentic Play Food Items to add to our Global Village.
  • New books for our Story Telling Circle.
  • Waterproof aprons for toddlers at the water wall in Discovery Bay.
  • 100 plastic golf balls for the Cog City exhibit.

$50 to buy:

  • New bat costumes for the Mountain.
  • New dress-up capes for our theatre.
  • Culturally authentic books for Global Village.
  • Six gallons of paint for the Imagination Studio.

$100 to buy:

  • A new "dashboard" for our fire truck that looks realistic.
  • Materials to make repairs to the glacier on the Mountain.
  • Clay for approximately one month in the Imagination Studio.
  • New hair salon items for the Ghana Hair Salon.
  • New pots and pans for the kitchens in Global Village.

$250 to buy:

  • New carpet sweepers for day-time use, like those used by restaurants.
  • Commercial grade diaper dispensers for all of our bathrooms.
  • New rice paper siding for the Kobe House.
  • Soft sculpture, safe-play area for our youngest guests.  
  • Materials to modify and create a nursing area for moms.

$500 to buy:

  • More soft play furniture for Discovery Bay.
  • Platform step for children to reach the sinks in the bathrooms.
  • Materials to create a writing station as a focal point for our literacy program.

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