Upcoming Discovery Days Camp 2020

Calling all Wizards! | April 13 – April 17 | Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm | Ages 4-10
Join us on a week-long magical adventure!

Monday – Find Your Way to the Platform: Become a wizard! Make your wand, gather all your wizarding supplies and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.
Tuesday – Charmed to Meet You: Join us for Wizardry 101. We will use science, art, and movement to explore ways of making the ordinary magical and the extraordinary attainable.
Wednesday – Beginning Potions Class: Magic is science that we haven’t figured out yet! We will make a color-changing drink and concoct a treat for a unicorn! Investigate the science of how “magic” really works.
Thursday – Mythical Beasts and Playful Pixies: Pixies, griffins, mermaids, and more! We’ll discover the world of mythical creatures through crafts and science. Make dragon drool and create new creatures from our own imaginations. We’ll even make and eat a dragon egg salad!
Friday – Build Your Own Fantasy World: If you could create your own world what would it look like? Make your own environment, create your own creatures; you make the rules.

To sign up for a full day of camp, register for both the morning and afternoon sessions. If you wish to register for post-care, you may do so when you view your cart.
If you have questions or need assistance, please email DiscoveryDayCamps@nullthechildrensmuseum.org