Eat, Play, Learn! Where does food come from? Are you sure you know how it tastes? We’ll mix up explosions, make milk look pretty, and enjoy every morsel and moment.

April 8-12

Monday: Earthy Eats

Discover how your food grows from a seed into a delicious dinner as we learn about plants and the Earth they grow in.

Tuesday: Test Your Taste Buds

Can you trust what you taste? Investigate the senses that affect your eating experience and what happens when your expectations don’t match reality.

Wednesday: Kitchen Chemistry

Put on your lab coats and chef hats as we delve into the intersection of investigation and ingredients.

Thursday: The Apple of my Eye

Have you ever been disappointed when the food on your plate doesn’t look like the picture? We have. Today we’ll learn about making food look appealing and then go further by using it to create art.

Friday: Food Fun

The constant: food. The variable: everything else! Using food, we’ll explore lights, magnets, engineering, and more!