Summer Camps 2018: Cool Careers in STEAM

Join Seattle Children’s Museum’s Discovery Day Camps and let the adventures begin!

Available July 9th-27th, and August 6th-24th. Attend by the week, day, or half day. Available 9:00am-4:00pm, post-care available separately until 5:30pm.

July 9-13 — Time Explorers: Dinosaurs, Antiquities, and More!

This week, we become time travelers. We’ll unearth and reconstruct dinosaur fossils. Discover what it means to run a museum and create our own collections! Explore ancient cultures and the different ways archeologists learn about them. Learn about Coast Salish Culture with relevant stories. Art Finale: Use found objects and reconstruct them into something new!

Monday: Dino Dig

Become a paleontologist for the day as we make our own fossils and practice excavation skills.

Tuesday: Calling all Curators

Explore different types of museums through projects focusing on natural history museums, art museums, and zoos. You’ll even have the chance to design your own museum about any topic you want!

Wednesday: The Study of Antiquity

As archeologists we’ll travel back in time and explore the Aztec Empire, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. We’ll even bring out some artifacts and try to figure out what they were used for!

Thursday: Pacific Northwest History

Gain an appreciation and initial understanding of the vibrant past, and vital present and future of the Pacific Northwest’s First Peoples. We’ll explore culturally relevant stories and art with special guests of the museum.

Friday: Steam Punk Day: Making it Anew

We’ll look back in time and celebrate inventors of the past, taking some of those inventions apart to understand how they work. Fast forward to the future and make our own inventions combining historical elements and technology.


July 16-20 — Play, Create, Innovate: A Multi Media Art Extravaganza!

This week we’ll be exploring various visual art mediums: painting, sculpting, and drawing. We will use what we have learned to create fashion designs, and at the end of the week we will create our own art supplies.

Monday: Operating in 3D

Today we will be learning about creating two and three dimensional art, and combine the two to make something new.  What does it mean to make something “3D”? How can you make a 2D artwork appear 3D? Come and explore different mediums and techniques to make your art really “pop”!

Tuesday: Color Me Creative

We will discover the impact of color, using Picasso’s art as inspiration. We’ll learn about the use of positive and negative space through the bold graphic style of Henri Matisse. In the end we will be creating our own masterpieces.

Wednesday: Fashion Design and Aesthetic

Ready to make the world your runway? Before finding our own aesthetic we will learn a little bit about the role of both form and function, and how style has evolved over time. We’ll create our own inspiration boards, exploring texture and patterns. We will end the day with a one of a kind fashion show everyone can enjoy!

Thursday: Illuminating Illustrations

Learn about the picture book writing process through the works of Eric Carle and Iris Scott. Bring words to life through images and just how much fun it is to tell a story with pictures!

Friday: Make Your Own Art Supplies

What’s stopping you from making art? No supplies? After today that’s no excuse! Make your own paint, chalk, crayons, and many other art materials with supplies that you can find around the house!


July 23-27 — Thinking Outside the Box: Innovators and Influential Women

This week we will be learning all about influential women who have broken down barriers to succeed. They kept striving, and didn’t allow anyone stop them from accomplishing their dreams. These exceptional people will be our inspirational introduction into aviation and aerospace, art, activism, and technology.

Monday: Pioneers

Pioneers are people who are the first to explore or accomplish something new. Today we will explore aviation and aerospace through Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, Bessie Coleman the first African American Pilot, Sally Ride the first American woman in space. These women worked hard to be able to do what they loved!

Tuesday: Artists

Art influences the world, which influences art, which influences the world… We’ll explore how Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Julia Child, Yayoi Kusama and others took the world by storm, and how they challenged stereotypes. All of these women had something to say and they did it through paintings, poetry, food, and dance. We’ll explore how artists use their work to tell a message, and how art influences the world, and the world influences art!

Wednesday: Activists

An activist is someone who tries to bring about social or political change. We’ll learn what was important for Harriet Tubman, Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, and Gloria Steinman and why they fought for it. We will be exploring equality and equity, justice, and the importance of speaking for what you believe in.

Thursday: Innovators

Begin your journey to understanding the language of computers as we explore the fundamentals of coding through the work of Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace. We’ll write our initials in binary, play sequencing games as we delve into the basic building blocks of programming.

Friday: Leaders

People live all over the world and today we’ll explore ideas of culture and heritage, family traditions, and affirm our individual talents, interests and place in this world. Our cultural context helps shape our leadership style. Explore what it takes to be a great leader and find your voice!


August 6-10 — Take it to the Stage!

This we will learn about what it takes to create a magical performance. Plan and prepare a show through set design, creating costumes, lighting, and sound. Discover the importance of bringing joy to others through clowning, and the value of playing pretend.

Monday: Come One, Come All!

Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Now’s your chance! We’ll dress in outrageous clothes, practice miming, and discover and develop our inner clown!

Tuesday: Feel the Beat!

I like to move it, move it! If you do too, today’s the day for you! Learn how to tell a story through movement and sound. Explore the important connection between music, movement and emotion using basic jazz dance techniques. Discover the physics of sound waves and echolocation as we make instruments out of unexpected materials.

Wednesday: Lights, Camera, Action!

What does it take to make a stop-motion animation? We’ll experience all the steps necessary to make a film: a story board, the characters, a backdrop. –We’ll even make our own film!

Thursday: Theatrical Thursday

It’s all about the theatre, so your dramatic side show; learn about the art of improvisation, make and star in your own story, with a little help from your friends!

Friday: Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what goes on backstage before you ever see a show? Find out today by exploring the design elements of theatre. Costumes, set, light, and sound all play a vital role in creating the final play.

August 13-17 — How Does That Work? And Other Essential Questions

This week is all about diving in deeper to Big Ideas and Questions! Bring your curiosity, creativity and “I wonder” questions!

Monday: Mind-blowing

Today we will be exploring the most complex organ inside us: the human brain.  Can our eyes play tricks on us? How good is our memory? Come and find out!

Tuesday: Let’s Look Inside

Have you ever wondered, “What’s inside… a seed… a human body? We’ll take a look at our own DNA, make a model cell, and explore the world around us from the inside out.

Wednesday: Slippery Solutions

Today is all about chemistry! Explore science phenomenon with bubbles, candy, flowers, and lemonade! We’ll make giant bubbles, and even use bubbles to paint. Test a hard candy coating by comparing solutions, make invisible ink, discover how to change a flower’s color, and much more!

Thursday: Phenomenal Physics

So many experiments, so little time! Play with the beauty of light as we experiment with prisms. Discover the attraction of magnetism as we use magnets in unexpected ways. Discover principles of lift and design your own “helicopter”. Ramp things up while learning about angles!

Friday: Rock On!

Join us for some science experiments that we think totally rock! Conduct experiments with mineral streaks, chemical weathering, and more, this day will introduce us to the complex world of geology.


August 20-24 — Let Your Imagination Lead the Way!

Our last week of camp will be all about play. Let your imagination take flight as we discover our inner strengths and become superheroes! Climb aboard the good ship Discovery, and follow our Captain to look for treasure. We will travel back in time and get our swords and lances ready for a bout of jousting. Learn how to communicate in secret codes. -End the week with our Greatest Hits!

Monday: Superhero Day

Everybody has a superpower, what is yours? Come and create your superhero outfit, run an obstacle course to save the civilians from danger. You can even make your own comic book!

Tuesday: Pirates

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates life for me! Come be a pirate for a day, learn how to be a master swordsman, search for the lost treasure, and learn how to keep out of danger!

Wednesday: Medieval Mischief

Travel back to medieval times, practice the etiquette necessary to be royalty. Learn how to joust, and use our wheelie bugs for ring tilting.

Thursday: Detective Day

Help us solve the mystery of the missing jewels! To solve the mystery we will need to learn how to crack secret codes, run through a laser maze, and earn our junior detective badges.

Friday: Greatest Hits

Today is the last day of camps, so sad! And to finish it off we will be doing the best programs of the summer. The messiest, the coolest, the craziest ones! Come find out which ones made the cut.