Discovery Days 2019

Week 1:

July 8-12

The Daily Grind

Take a walk through our neighborhood, imagine all the jobs the people there do, and put yourself in their shoes.

  • From Me to You
    • Neither snow, rain, sleet, nor hail will stop the snail mail. How does mail get where it is going? Find out as we send and deliver our own letters and packages.
  • Kids Cook
    • Measure, mix, make! We’re inviting you into the kitchen, so put on your chef hats and get ready to cook the day away.
  • Seeing is Believing
    • Now you see it, now you don’t! Learn about the different parts of the eye and how they work together with your brain to make sense of what you see.
  • Build the Future
    • Take your design from idea to reality. We’ll discover every step of the construction process, from blueprints to buildings
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
    • From here to there, you can go anywhere! Whether by boat, train, bus, or plane, we’ll explore all the ways you can get to your destination.


 Week 2:

July 15-19

Be the Change

Learn about our planet, the importance of taking care of it, and how we can make an impact.

  • Beneath our Feet
    • Can you dig it? Let’s start at the beginning and learn all about the layers of the Earth, from the inner core to the crust.
  • Magnificent Mountains
    • Did you know Mt. Rainier is one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes? Explore different ways the earth can change, how mountains are made, and the mechanics of earthquakes.
  • Wind and Water
    • It’s raining, it’s pouring, but you won’t be snoring because when wind and water combine they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Tree Huggers
    • What makes us the Evergreen State? Learn about our Northwest habitat and what makes our region unique.
  • Going Green  
    • Want to make a difference? Join us for a fast-paced day exploring alternative energy and ways to reduce waste.

Week 3:

July 22-26

Literary Lunacy

Transport yourself to different worlds using the power of books as we explore the works of some of our favorite authors.

  • Oliver Jeffers & Ben Clanton
  • Peggy and Herman Parish & Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Mo Willems & David Shannon
  • Madeleine L’Engle & Beatrix Potter
  • Dr. Seuss & Roald Dahl

Week 4:

August 5-9

The Future is Now

Catch a glimpse of what the future might bring as we learn about the technologies of today and how they could shape tomorrow.

  • Space and Beyond
    • ..2…1…BLAST OFF! Get ready for an out of this world adventure as we launch ourselves up to the stars and then bring chocolate astronauts safely back home.
  • Human Habitats and Bio Bubbles
    • As the world changes around us we have to change with it. Learn how humans and other animals adapt to their ever-shifting environment.
  • Kids Code
    • From smartphones to robot vacuums, we’re surrounded by technology. But how does it work? Tap into your inner power and unlock the secrets of coding and robots.
  • Change the World
    • The future is in your hands. How will you make the world a better place? Start small by becoming the best version of yourself and taking action in your community.
  • Blast from the Past
    • Hear ye, hear ye! Let’s take a step back: back to floppy disks, to typewriters, and even to feather quills. Join us as we explore how people survived before the internet.


Week 5:

August 12-16

The Artist in You

Art has always been a way to make sense of the world around us. We’ll learn about revolutionary art movements and artists who were a part of them.

  • Impressionism & Claude Monet
  • Expressionism & Henri Matisse
  • Cubism & Pablo Picasso
  • Surrealism & Salvador Dali
  • Pop Art & Andy Warhol


Week 6:

August 19-23

Let Your Imagination Lead the Way

Our last week of camp will be all about learning through play. We’ll stretch our imaginations and our muscles as we wrap up our summer.

  • Fractured Fairy Tales
    • Who says the wolf has to be the bad guy? If you don’t like an ending, change it! Delve into classic stories and add your own twist.
  • Into the Wild
    • Do you have what it takes to navigate through the wilderness confidently? We’ll make a compass and then set off into the unknown, all without leaving Seattle Center.
  • Bubbles
    • Pop! Discover the magic of bubbles and all the different things you can do with them.
  • Field Day
    • On your marks, get set, GO! Race into a fun-filled day as we play all the classic field day games.
  • Greatest Hits
    • Today is the last day of camps, so sad! And to finish off we will be doing the best programs of the summer. The messiest, the coolest, the most amazing ones! Come find out which ones made the cut.