January 27, 2017

Seattle Children’s Museum Announces New Executive Director


Christi Stapleton to serve as Executive Director of Seattle Children’s Museum


SEATTLE, WA (January 27, 2017) – After an extensive search process, the Board of Directors has selected Christi Stapleton as the Executive Director of the Seattle Children’s Museum.


“All of us at Seattle Children’s Museum believe deeply in the mission of the Museum and the value we bring to the families in our community.  We are excited to have Christi lead the organization as we look ahead at the next era of growth” said Phillip Andersen, Seattle Children’s Museum Board Chair. “Christi will join a strong leadership team at the museum and we look forward to working closely with her as we strive to achieve the full potential of the organization.


Ms. Stapleton brings an extensive background that will benefit the Museum in its service to children and families. She is a longtime strategic leadership and organizational change consultant, with more than 25 years of experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Her executive business background includes K-12 administration, K-12 curriculum, non-profit management and fundraising, including extensive business leadership experience.


Her longstanding passion for education, women, and children’s issues is reflected in her volunteerism, political and civic work, including many years of experience in campaign fundraising, as well as serving on the boards of directors of non-profit institutions such as the White Center Food Bank, NCPW, and others. Stapleton also formed a new non-profit called People’s Place for the Homeless, to address emergency homeless needs.


“I am deeply honored to join the Museum, an institution with an admirable history of bringing learning to life through play. I’m grateful for the warm welcome from everyone and am excited to work with them to broaden the Museum’s impact,” said Stapleton.


Stapleton also brings the Museum more than two decades of leadership experience from both Seattle and the Southern US. She began her career in graphics and exhibit design with Glazer’s and ultimately ran the marketing and merchandising development team for this large company. She has led marketing and retail operations for national companies, as well K-12 experiential Science curriculum for the makers of Everyday Math. Her career in organizational change began at Dallas Public Schools and has continued forward, with her latter career focus shifting to non-profits, interim management, and consulting.


“In the board’s search for a new Executive Director, we focused on talent that would bring a balance of strong operational leadership, fundraising prowess and people management underpinned with a deep passion for the Museum’s mission,” said Andersen. “Christi brings all of these qualities to the role. She has a strong history in both the non-profit and private sector helping organizations grow and transform.  She brings a deep passion for the mission of the Museum and the impact we have for families in the greater Seattle community.”


Stapleton noted, “I am especially pleased with our strong staff and Board of Directors. With the great team at the Museum, I hope to engage and support them as we work together to reach more and more children and their families.”


Seattle Children’s Museum was founded in 1979 and since that time has served over five million children ages birth-to-10 – and their caregivers – at its Seattle Center location. In the Museum’s 20,000 square feet of exhibit and educational space, its dedicated staff members and volunteers fulfill the Museum’s mission of bringing imagination to life for over 175,000 visitors each year. The Museum is open nearly every day of the year. It offers its visitors 11 interactive exhibits, daily rotating education programming, and ongoing cultural presentations, all of which are designed in accord with Washington’s Department of Early Learning’s benchmarks. Learn more at https://scmwebsite.wpengine.com or by calling 206-441-1768