Seattle Children’s Museum Donation Policy

Boundary of Support:

Donation requests can only be submitted for organizations hosting an auction or raffle, NOT for ongoing costs of running the organization or as gifts/incentives for employees/participants. SCM’s standard donation is a “Family Fun Pack” consisting of four passes to the museum. SCM does not accept requests for cash donations, and we only donate to an organization once per calendar year. SCM’s donation team assesses and determines which requests most closely complement the core values of the Museum. Due to timing and volume of requests, SCM cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled. Additionally, we are unable to respond to requests which have been denied.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE to request a donation:

1. Preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools or their associated PTAs
2. A registered non-profit in Washington state that works with children under the age of ten and their families within Washington
3. A registered non-profit located in the Queen Anne neighborhood, even if it may not deal with children and families
4. Middle schools or high schools located in the Queen Anne neighborhood
5. Organizations that are hosting an event on the Seattle Center campus
Other organizations may be considered on a case by case basis, but priority will be given to those which meet the above criteria.

WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE to request a donation:

1. Out of state organizations
2. Middle schools or high schools (unless located in Queen Anne neighborhood)
3. Current Passport2Play partner organizations
4. Individuals, families, or walking/running teams
5. Other children’s museums
6. Organizations advocating violence or discrimination or in other ways promoting behavior inconsistent with the our core values

When can you submit your request?

Requests are considered in the order received. Requests must arrive by the last day of the month two months prior to the donation acquisition date (for example, any requests for March must be received by January 31st). Due to the volume of requests, any requests which arrive late will not be considered.

What you need to provide:

If the organization meets the above requirements, submit your request using the following guidelines:
1. Submit your request on letterhead, including the organization’s primary name, address, telephone, email, and contact person
2. Include a brief description of your organization, and purpose of your request
3. Please include your organization’s IRS 501 (c) (3) Tax Determination Letter. Send your request by post to:

Seattle Children’s Museum
Attn: Donations Request
305 Harrison St
Seattle WA 98109

You may also hand deliver the documents to the above address on weekdays from 9am-5pm, or scan and send them to