As the new year approaches, our hope is that we can help more families discover the joy of Exploring, Playing, and Learning with us. That is why we are reaching out to our partner organizations to give a few foster families a chance to become 2020 members with us!

We need YOUR help! With a single $35 donation, we can provide the gift of Membership to a family in our community. You can choose to donate through our Facebook Fundraising campaign, our website, or you can donate in-person with our front desk greeters. Your generous contribution will be recognized in our organization and will help grow our community of families, friends, and life-long learners.

If you choose to download through our website, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Donations of $35 are preferred – This covers the cost of an All-Access membership.
  2. Fill in your information – Your information will be secure in our database and you will not be contacted further unless specified.
  3.  Post-donation acknowledgement – You will receive an email acknowledging your donation.  Your contribution is also tax deductible.

Let’s Explore Together!

For questions or concerns, contact: