Is there a required amount of time that I have to volunteer?

We simply ask that you be able to volunteer consistently either daily, weekly or monthly for a 2, 4 or 6 hour time slot. It helps us when we can get into a predictable pattern.

What happens if I'm not able to volunteer every week/month?

We understand that you may need to arrange to miss a week/month of volunteering occasionally. However, for consistency for our staff and visitors, we ask that you are able to volunteer at the same time each week or month on a regular basis.

What if I have a specific trade or talent I wish to volunteer?

Learning more about you is a part of our interview process. We will do your best to match your skills directly with museum projects. If we don’t have a current project that matches your skill we will keep your information on file and contact you when an opportunity comes available.

Can I volunteer if I am not 18?

Yes. You will need to fill out the Minor Release Form and have your parent(s) or legal guardian sign it. You do need to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer unless accompanied by an adult guardian that is also an approved volunteer.

Do you accept court-ordered Community Service Volunteers?

No, we do not accept court-ordered Community Service Volunteers.

Do you accept school-appointed community service hours?

Yes, we do accept school appointed community service. Please check with your school to make sure you fill out the right paperwork to receive credit.

Are internships available?

Yes.  We offer internships and senior project opportunities.