Neighborhood Helper

Play a check-out game in our grocery store or help restock the shelves. Build in our Construction Zone or help with  tear-down and clean-up. The volunteer in this high traffic area needs to be able to bend, lift objects, and stand for extended periods.

Global Village Guide

Start a drum circle in Ghana, help run a sushi restaurant in Kobe, Japan, or cook lumpia in the Philippines. The volunteer in this cultural exhibit can interact with our guests by helping teach about geography, keep the exhibits organized, and welcome families on their global adventure. The volunteer in this area needs to be able to pick up objects, be willing to learn, and be able to communicate well.

Retail Shop/Exit Attendant

Assist guests who are doing shopping in our retail shop and keep an eye on our exit doors. This is a great opportunity to thank all of our guests for visiting and help keep kids united with their families. The volunteer in this area needs a great smile and a cheery disposition. This position offers the opportunity to be seated for portions of the shift.

LEGO® Liaison

Build with LEGO® and DUPLO® in our temporary gallery exhibit. Inspire creative projects, or help restore order to our building area. The volunteer in this popular exhibit area needs to be able to bend, pick up small objects, and be ready to sort and restore order! This position offers the opportunity to be seated for a portion of the shift.

Mountain Ranger

Want to volunteer but have a limited amount of time? Spend a few hours as a Mountain Ranger taking kids on a “hike”up the mountain. Hand out scavenger hunts and prepare kids for bird watching excursions! This position requires minimal bending and lifting.

Discovery Bay Volunteer

Help little kiddos build with soft blocks, play in our water table or have fun with bubbles! Clean-up duties are always a part of this area with active toddlers (walkers and crawlers) moving through the space! This position requires the ability to squat, sit on the floor, and interact well with caregivers and their small children.

Special Events Volunteer

If you are looking for a way to contribute but have a limited amount of time, we have a need for special event volunteers and assistance at our after hours deep cleaning shifts.