Dear Group Leader,


Thank you for confirming your scheduled visit at Seattle Children’s Museum. We will assist in every way possible to make your visit fun, entertaining and educational!

Note – All Museum rules apply, but the following is some information to help you prepare for your group visit:


  • A ratio of one adult to every four children is required to enter the museum. Any deviation from this ratio must be pre-approved at the time of booking.
  • For safety reasons, if your group does not meet the required ratio on the day of your visit, your group cannot be admitted into the Museum.
  • For the best possible visit, we recommend splitting your larger group of children into smaller clusters and assigning each cluster to a specific chaperone.
  • For the protection of the children, all hot beverages in paper cups are prohibited. Only hot beverages in a spill-proof travel mug are allowed in the Museum.
  • ONE form of payment for the whole group is required.
  • Many groups choose to go upstairs to the food court and use the tables and chairs for snacks or lunch, or weather permitting, sit outside on the lawn near the International Fountain.
  • Remember, you will have in and out privileges as a group. A chaperone may not leave his/her children alone in the Museum.


  • When your group arrives at Seattle Center, head towards the Armory; located across from Key Arena and International Fountain. The Museum is located on the lower level of the Armory, below the food court.
  • When you arrive at the Museum, please have your group line up with their chaperones in the hallway, against the windows outside the Museum.
  • At this time, the group leader should head into the Museum front admissions desk to check-in and take care of payment.      
  • The Booking Coordinator will ask how many kids and how many adults are present for your group visit. Please be prepared with this information – this includes all individuals in your group.
  • If the number of visitors is more than what was scheduled or listed on the check, please be prepared to take care of any remaining costs. We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash.
  • While the Group Leader steps inside the office, a Museum Services staff member will help to organize the group in the hallway.
  • If not done ahead of time by the group leader, the Museum Services staff member will organize the group into smaller clusters, each smaller cluster to be chaperoned by an adult.
  • Every chaperone/adult will receive a Museum issued badge with a Museum map and policies.
  • The group will then be lead into the Museum to complete a five minute orientation processChildren CANNOT be left alone in the Museum without adult supervision.
  • For your safety, we have only one way in and one way out of the museum and we have it staffed all day. If a child is missing from a group, please alert our staff.
  • Many of our exhibits have designated areas for toddlers and Discovery Bay is a three year old and younger only area. These areas are set up for first time walkers and early learning. We ask that if your group is older, please assist us in keeping them out of these areas.
  • Every staff member of the Seattle Children’s Museum will be wearing an official ID name badge. If at any time a group member, adult or student, needs assistance, any staff member with a badge can help.

We look forward to your group visit!