Where Imagination Comes Alive. . . With Events and Education!

Informal education is at the heart of everything we do! Each day, our educators ignite imaginations with programs designed to help kids discover, learn and ask questions. We know it is informal learning, but you can just call it fun!

Our educational staff designs, develops and delivers educational opportunities ranging from engaging self-guided play spaces for caregivers and their children, to interactive daily programs, to immersive summer camps. We also work with local artists, performers, educators and authors to bring their talents to our visitors. For more details on daily programs visit our program calendar.

Age Specific Programs

  • Discovery Bay Hang Outs are educator facilitated drop-in play sessions for children 3 and under every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30am – 11:00am.

Monthly Themes

Each month has a unique theme that is represented in our programming throughout the museum. Come make your own book in October, or learn about amazing animals in August! Every day has it’s own adventure!

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