Where Imagination Comes Alive . . .With Education!

At the Children’s Museum, we strive to create fun and interactive programs that ignite curiosity, wonder, squeals of delight, and the joy of discovery every day of our calendar. Our educators, artists and performers write programs that teach through play, and create learning opportunities through natural curiosity.

You have probably heard the saying “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

If you love something we do and want to try it at home – GREAT! We encourage you to do so. If you love something we do and want to try it in a public setting, we ask that you give credit to the Museum for the inspiration or idea. We put a lot of energy into the creation and design of our programs, and we ask that you respect the dollars and time that went into them by letting others know about the Museum- simply acknowledge us when you use our program. A simple “Thank You” will do!