Seattle Children’s Museum offers a series of programs that provide free or reduced admission for families at-risk or in-need who could not otherwise afford to come and play.  Through the following Passport 2 Play programs and our commitment to the Museums for All initiative, the Museum offers options to enter the museum at a reduced rate for guests with EBT cards or DSHS health cards. Additionally, the Museum collaborates with community agencies in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties to distribute free admission coupons and provide scholarships for group visits.

 Free or Reduced Admission

EBT or Food Stamp Card

Show this card and a valid photo ID at the box office to receive $2.00 per person daily admission. As part of our commitment to Museums for All, we now invite EBT cardholders from any US state to utilize this benefit for reduced admission of up to 4 people.


WA DSHS Services Card

Show your DSHS Services Card to receive $2 admission for the individual who is named on the card (Washington Residents Only).  Adults must have matching Photo ID.  Please note that due to the regulations for this program, we can only accept the ProviderOne Services Card pictured below- not letters, forms, or other types of insurance identification cards.






Last Hour Reduced Admission

Tuesday-Sunday 4pm-5pm

The last hour of every day we offer admission for $5 per person.

 Community Partner Free-Admission Coupon Program

Seattle Children’s Museum partners with community agencies throughout King, Snohomish, Pierce and Kitsap Counties to provide free-admission coupons to families in need. Through the free-admission coupon program, community partner organizations are provided custom coupons for distribution that can be redeemed at the Museum box office.

Community partner organizations must:

  • Provide Nonprofit/501c3 status
  • Serve low-income or at-risk families
  • Be located in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties

To become a community partner organization please apply: Free-Admission Coupon Program Application

 Subsidized Group Admission Visits

Organizations that serve at-risk or in-need children can apply for subsidized admission to help with the overall cost of your visit. We offer partial, $4.50 per child, and full for qualifying agencies based on availability and funding. We are unable to provide sponsored admission for adults and chaperones who are required to pay our $9 group admission rate. NOTE: the number of subsidized admissions each month is limited.

Groups meeting one or more of the following criteria may be eligible to receive subsidized admission:

  • Organizations that receive federal government funds (i.e. Headstart or ECEAP programs)
  • Daycare centers receiving 50% or more of their funds from a government source
  • Daycare centers in which 70% or more of the enrolled children receive some form of public assistance
  • Public schools in which 50% or more of the enrolled students qualify for government subsidized meals
  • Other organizations which prove financial need for Subsidized Admission

To apply for Subsidized Group Admission: Subsidized Group Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Passport 2 Play?

Passport 2 Play is a series of programs that offer free or reduced admission to families who could not otherwise afford to visit the Museum.

What is a Passport 2 Play Community Partner organization?

Passport 2 Play Community Partner organizations are organizations that serve at-risk or in need families inside of King, Snohomish or Pierce Counties. They care about the families of our community and understand the importance of children and caregivers playing and learning together.

How do we become a Passport 2 Play Community Partner organization?

Your first step is to complete the application process. The review process usually takes 2-3 weeks. If you are simply interested in bringing a school or daycare group to the Museum, you can use our Subsidized Group Admission program instead.

What will my organization receive as a Passport 2 Play Partner?

Community Partner Free-Admission Coupon Program

Qualified organizations who request to participate in the coupon program receive a reproducible sheet of free admission coupons that they may distribute to the families they serve.

The coupons are labeled with the organization’s name so that they may be tracked and accounted for when they are redeemed. The Passport 2 Play Community Partner takes responsibility for distributing the coupons and making sure they are not abused or distributed outside of the guidelines of the program.

Each Passport 2 Play Community Partner organization must assign a staff liaison who will work with the Museum on receiving the coupons and managing their distribution. Organizations with multiple departments or divisions who would like to distribute coupons must apply for each individual branch with each branch considered a different Passport 2 Play Community Partner with its own liaison.

Why does the Museum require an application process and select Passport 2 Play Partner organizations?

The Museum’s mission is to bring to life the joy of discovery for children and their families through fun, creative, hands-on exploration of the world around them. Our mission is to serve ALL families and to provide children the opportunity to play and learn with the primary caregiver(s) in their life.

For those reasons, we introduced our Passport 2 Play Partner program. We look for like-minded organizations who will join us in our mission. We trust our Passport 2 Play Partners to select the families and to get free passes and more into the hands of families who need them the most.

What is the difference between Subsidized Group Admission and Passport 2 Play organizations?

Subsidized Group Admission is designed for groups who are taking a “field trip” to the Museum.  It is usually a group of 10 or more individuals from a school or daycare who are coming together. Our Passport 2 Play program is designed for organizations who want to give individual families an opportunity to come to the Museum at a time of their choosing, as a family unit. If you are not sure which program you should apply for, drop us a note and we will help you out.

What is Museums for All?

Museums for All is a cooperative initiative between the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to offer a signature access program that encourages families of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum habits.

How is Passport 2 Play different from Museums for All?

In joining Museums for All, we simply extended our existing Passport 2 Play admission discount for Washington State EBT cardholders to include EBT cardholders from any US state. Hooray for new playmates!