Who is eligible for Sponsored Admission?

We partner with a variety of organizations to provide Sponsored Admissions. Our criteria and restrictions are based on matching organizations with our mission and the available funds for this program. The number of Sponsored Admissions each month is limited.

Sponsored Admission is available to low-income or at-risk children in child-care and educational organizations. Groups meeting one or more of the following criteria may be eligible to receive sponsored admission:

  • Organizations that receive federal government funds (i.e. Headstart or ECEAP programs).
  • Daycare Centers receiving 50% or more of their funds from a government source.
  • Daycare Centers in which 50% or more of the enrolled children receive some form of public assistance.
  • Public Schools in which 50% or more of the enrolled students qualify for government subsidized meals.
  • Other organizations which prove financial need for Sponsored Admission.

Our Guidelines

We offer Partial Sponsorships ($4.50 per child) and Full Sponsorships for qualifying agencies based on availability. We are unable to provided Sponsored Admission for adults, and chaperones need to pay our $9 group admission rate.

The Process

The form below must be completed in its entirety at least two (2) weeks before your visit, or all group members will be subject to admission fees. After you complete this form, you need to fax your proof of eligibility to 206-448-0910.  Please don’t make us chase after that form; we need it to process your application.  Fax it to us as soon as possible.

Once your completed application is submitted and your fax is received, your file will be reviewed. We will respond to you within 2 business days.

Please understand: your group visit is not confirmed until your application is approved and you receive a confirmation packet and invoice that reflects the applied sponsorship admission rate.

Proof of Eligibility

Your proof of eligibility needs to be faxed to 206-448-0910. As you are completing the application, you will note the reason your organization should be eligible for sponsored admission. We need to see documentation to back up your reason. This can be a print out from a Federal Website showing your organization is a recipient of Federal Funds or other documentation.

Sponsored Group Admission

Use this form to request assistance with the cost of admission to the Museum. Sponsored admission is based on the percentage of kids that you serve who are considered at-risk or in-need and on the availability of funds to support this program. IF THIS FORM APPEARS JUMBLED, PLEASE MAKE YOUR WEB BROWSER WINDOW AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE.
  • Remember: Our required ratio is 1 adult to every 4 children.